This summer, from June 26 to July 6, 2024, we will organize the 28th edition of the ENBEA summer basketball camp for children aged 6 to 16 on the coast of the Adriatic Sea at Zaton Holiday Resort, the most attractive resort in Croatia

We have prepared the contents of the camp for an unforgettable experience for all participants, filled with laughter, fun and, of course, incredible basketball energy.

ENBEA camp is not just an ordinary sports event, but also a place where dreams are born, where self-confidence and resilience are built, and where the love of basketball turns into a lasting passion. Every child has the opportunity to discover his inner basketball talent, whether he is a beginner or an experienced basketball player.

Parents, you can be sure that your children will be in the safe hands of our professional team. Our commitment to their well-being is unquestionable, and in addition to sports progress, we will also work on the development of character traits such as responsibility, respect and self-discipline.

Join us on a journey full of joy, laughter, engagement and success.

This summer, let’s give children the opportunity to shine on the basketball court, create unforgettable memories and build the foundation for future success.

Remember, in our camp, every child is special!

Participation is simple, just click on the link to register REGISTRATION and get ready for 6 or 11 days filled with basketball, laughter and priceless experience.



Zaton Holiday Resort is located in a beautiful bay of the Adriatic Sea near Zadar and is an excellent choice for children, who want carefree socializing, play and fun with the guidance of a professional animation team at any time of the day.
In an attractive environment full of entertainment at the sea, beach, aqua park, sports fields, disco and other attractive facilities along with delicious food and drinks, children will spend a happy and unforgettable summer vacation with a smile on their face.


ENBEA CAMP – an excellent place for the youngest basketball players, of all levels of knowledge and abilities, who want to improve their skills, work hard, make friends and have fun in a lively and relaxed atmosphere of a resort on the Adriatic coast.

All participants, regardless of their level of knowledge and ability, regardless of how organized and skilled they are, should also have the freedom to improvise, i.e. be imaginative, creative and spontaneous, therefore in this basketball camp with the longest tradition in Croatia, the emphasis is on teaching children how to play, not manage them to win.


We highlight the following:

  • Experienced professional team / basketball coaches / one coach per group of 8 to 12 children
  • Training adapted to the age and skill level of every camper
  • Up to five hours of basketball every day (training, competitions, games)
  • Improving understanding of basketball and raising the game to a higher level
  • Meeting new friends, games, entertainment and enjoying time with friends during summer vacation
  • A fairytale-life all-day program under the leadership of a happy and energetic team of high professionals (games on the beach and in the sea, water polo, teen tournaments, special show programs, aqua aerobics, dancing, treasure searches, pirate entertainment, karaoke, shows, prize games, jumping centre…)
  • Medals and awards for success in competitions
  • A gift for every camper: ENBEA camp sport pants and shirt
  • Safer training conditions on the courts with a plastic surface that allows each participant to focus on training and playing.

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